• A Fantastic Fjord Detour Worth the Drive in Iceland

    Iceland’s most scenic and popular route is the “Golden Circle” of approximately 300 kilometers of breathtaking views, often traversed in a circular pattern out and back from Reykjavik. Within the Golden Circle lie some of the country’s top attractions, including…

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  • 5 Chocolate Lovers’ Destinations

    Nothing says love more than chocolate – well, at least for most people. Why not plan a getaway to a destination known for chocolate? Go to a far flung part of the world where the heavenly creation of sweetened food…

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  • Ancient history and entertaining meals in Guatemala

    The poor waiter looks terrified as our group of 10 descends on what our tour leader assures us is a restaurant. The shabby building looks more like a motor mechanic’s workshop – a suspicion that’s reinforced when we have to carry…

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  • A Stroll around Prague

    Whether admiring the stunning architecture or dipping into a quirky absinthe bar, the beautiful medieval city of Prague is perfect for exploring on foot. It’s probably the best way to experience the city, as I discovered recently when I took…

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  • Ancient Geoglyphs: Enigmatic Relics of the Past

    Mankind has always sought to leave a mark on the world, a testament to our existence, beliefs, and art. Among the most puzzling and fascinating imprints of our ancestors are the ancient geoglyphs—colossal figures etched into the earth’s surface. These…

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  • Historic Tombstone, Arizona

    Wyatt Earp still lives, and he is leading a group of visitors through historic Tombstone, Arizona. In the original Boot Hill cemetery, he points out a particular gravestone. The epitaph reads, “Here lies Lester Moore Four slugs from a 44…

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  • Five Small Caribbean Museums with a Bigger Story

    From the Bahamas to the southeastern points of the Caribbean, small museums dedicated to special interests, people or significant events can become an engaging stop even on a busy itinerary. If your own interests at home include one of these categories, then…

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  • Why the Mobile Passport Control app should be on your radar

    A free service with the potential to speed up entry at a number of U.S. ports and airports, the Mobile Passport Control app (MPC app) should be on your radar. The program essentially generates the required customs form on your…

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  • Luxury mini-cruising in the Adriatic: The best way to experience Croatia is by boat

    With a super long Adriatic coastline, over 1200 islands and islets, beaches lapped by crystal clear waters, and dozens of scenic coastal towns, the best way to see Croatia by…

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  • Top Ten Things to Know About Emerald Azzurra

    I was invited by Emerald Cruises to experience the brand new Emerald Azzurra yacht that debuted  three months ago. I spent a glorious two weeks sailing her from Dubrovnik to Athens, with port stops in Montenegro, Albania, Greece, and Turkey.…

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